Reeve Associates is a boutique building services consultancy with offices in Perth and Auckland

Reeve & Associates delivers engineering excellence. We specialise in designing mechanical services, hydraulic services, and design management. This expertise means that Reeve & Associates provides clients with best for project outcomes.

Reeve Associates work with other design professionals to integrate as part of the team needed to deliver sustainable landmark buildings.

Our Approach

Business focussed value engineering

Reeve & Associates understand our clients' need for innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions that speed projects and maximise value.

Our expertise in system analysis enables our clients to make informed decisions to achieve project deadlines while still delivering on project drivers such as sustainability, system optimisation, and building grade. Our approach balances the competing demands and complex inter-relationship of cost, function, style, architectural vision, and structural constraints.


Reeve & Associates save our clients time and money as a result of innovative design solutions, backed up by in-depth analysis.

Our extensive experience and understanding of building processes and cost structures mean Reeve & Associates can incorporate maximum flexibility and future proofing of the design and maintenance of each system created, thereby maximising building value.

Professional engineering

All of our design solutions are delivered by fully qualified, professional engineers with years of experience.

Our engineering professionals apply their design training and experience to problem solving. This approach results in the engineering expertise being directly transferred to the project outcomes, and projects that are engineered to suit the client’s business drivers. Our clients get realistic options and solutions.

The client-oriented design team has the best people for each discipline to ensure an outstanding overall outcome for the project. Clients have access to “cherry picked” specialists for each discipline.

Balanced views and a “best for project” culture

A proactive, coordinated approach incorporates the requirements of architecture, structure, mechanical electrical, hydraulic services, fire and BCA requirements. This culture facilitates dynamic thinking, accounting for all aspects of the design of modern buildings. The design management model delivers clients with innovative construction solutions for the built environment.

Architectural sensitivity

We use professional engineers providing solutions that are sympathetic with the architectural concept, whilst accounting for the other disciplines in the design team.

Environmentally sustainable design

Reeve & Associates have extensive experience with Green Star & NABERS ratings, passive ventilation, water recovery systems and solar systems. Reeve & Associates optimize the building services design without compromising the architectural concepts to achieve environmental demands.

Quality assurance

The Reeve Associates documentation quality focus increases project value and produces client cost savings due to improved tender and contract management process, applying ISO9001 quality assurance principles.

Safety in design

We understand the need for risk minimisation in all aspects of a project design and take a considered approach to meet safety standards.

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